This very impressive 4-CD stereo is a treat for both the eyes and the ears. The speakers and main unit have the option of being displayed either on included pedestals or placed on a shelf or tabletop with built-in stand. The main unit can also be easily wall-mounted either vertically or horizontally. For convenience, the readout on the backlit blue LCD and the button labels are slanted to make them easy to read in both vertical and horizontal configurations.

This front loading 4-CD player has four separate CD drives with four seperate lasers, so it doesn't have to move CDs into position to play - providing fast, silent switchover from one CD to another. Also has five equalizer presets for added dimension, and programs up to 40 tracks. You can store up to 16 AM and 16 FM presets on the digital PLL tuner. Features include motorized CD door, clock and timer, single disk random play, auto on/off with snooze, headphone and microphone jacks, battery backup for clock and tuner, subwoofer output jack and two 8-foot speaker cords.

Vertical 4-CD Stereo by The Sharper Image

You can easily control all functions with the included wireless remote control. Each cylindrical speaker column houses 4 full-range multidimensional speakers.

The speakers and main pedestal unit stand almost four feet tall. Stereo plugs into a standard wall outlet; stereo uses 3 AA batteries for clock and tuner backup; remote uses 2 AA batteries. (Batteries are not included.) Main unit measures 23 1/2" x 10 3/4" x 3 1/2" (42 inches tall with stand); speakers are 9 1/2" across at the base and 42" tall. System weighs 40 lbs. I hold a 60-day warranty on this item.